Baranja Animation Festival (BAF!)

Baranja Animation Festival (BAF!) is an annual international festival of short animated films that would be held on Zeleni Otok in Batina in the

Municipality of Draz. Animated films created by students, professionals, enthusiasts and lovers of animation would be screened throughout the two nights on the BAF!`s open stage in a natural setting. BAF! will display the author and student projects from the last two years that will challenge and stimulate the viewers imagination and emotions. Films to be shown as part of BAF! have social, economic, ecological and artistic topic. We would like to make BAF! a place where the young and the professionals, but also all fans of the animated film, will be able to exchange their experiences through organization and participation in the festival. To make BAF! a place for making new friends beyond the borders of the country, where children and young people will be able to enjoy movies, learn something new through numerous workshops and hang out with the various accompanying activities. Through additional content of the festival the touristic offer will be promoted through exposure of products of local economies. During the day, visitors will have the opportunity to see, taste, buy and be informed about the products of Baranja wine makers, food producers, souvenirs and handcrafts. They will be able to discover the natural values and beauty by cycling tours through the nature and visit the wine cellars and natural beauty. The project aims to achieve a positive impact on the cultural, touristic and economic life of the local community and improve the quality of life. More about the festival at:


The project is co-financed by the European union from the European regional development Fund. The contents of this site are the sole responsibility of the Municipality Draz.