„Our Customs throughout the Year - Buse“ The custom of "tjeranje Busa" originates from the time of the persecution of the Turks in this region, when - allegedly masked peasants using bells and „klepke" even more scared already defeated and

panicked Turks, who then ran into Dunavac of Topolje. All over each other. The last could cross the water over the bridge made of bodies of their fellow soldiers drowned in the Danube River near the present church of St. Peter and Paul. Every year, on Thursday before carnival Sunday, in the village alleys and courtyards it is possible to encounter the occasional group of masked children in Topolje and Dubosevica who go through the village. The group consists of several children. They usually have baskets with themselves to collect gifts, most often eggs, candies and few coins. In the village they are called MALE BUSE. Masked group of children enter the family courtyard, a little sing and dance and then members of the household award them for that.

VELIKE BUSE - is held always on carnival Monday and carnival Tuesday. In Draz and Gajic „male buse“ is held on Monday and „velike buse“ is held on carnival Tuesday. On carnival Sunday, in Topolje is party, actually carnival. „Buse“ is coming from all our villages and even from Osijek and all of them are looking for fun. Everyone is looking forward to „buse“ and gladly hosts them.

Imagination is allowed to run wild, and the goal is to be original and unrecognizable. When going through the village „buse“ are in groups and often make a series of harmless jokes that will be mentioned in years that follow, for example they take off someone's gate and put it into the ditch, someone who was not dressed like „buse“ they throw them in the snow etc.

Carnival Monday in Topolje began by gathering outside the school and going through the village in houses where unmarried girls and boys live. „Buse“ is followed by tambura players. After the tour of the first part of the village „buse“ go to the hall to dance, then home for dinner and to carnival in Dubosevica. The tour of other part of the village continues on Tuesday in Topolje. In the evening it continues in Draz with carnival until midnight when starts clean Wednesday or „Pepelnica“. Until „buse“ in Draz and Gajic "palju“ streets, it is custom that makes winter and evil forces away, ignition starts from Marina and ends on Tuesday at „velike buse“.

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